One Mind and One Accord

When reading the Book of Acts there is a few things that really stand out to me. One is that the Holy Ghost came down like a mighty rushing wind that filled the whole house where they were. Second was the out pouring of the spirit with the evidence of other and unknown tongues.

Third, and I think most important, was the statement that all in the upper room were in one mind and one accord. In my opinion this was the most important statement of all. And it was made more than once. In chapter 1 verse 14 they all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication. In chapter 2 verse 1 says on the Day of Pentecost they were in one accord and in one place. Again in chapter 2 verse 44 they were all together and had all things in common, and sold possessions and goods.

You might think, 'yes, I know what the Book of Acts says' and I am very certain that many Christians do know the Word of God.  But, (and there is always a but) why do we as Christians find it so hard to comprehend what the Bible is telling us about how we are to live our lives with our Christians brothers and sisters. Is it that we don't understand what the Bible is telling us; or it the fact that we have grudges and problems with the people we are in church with; or is it the fact that we aren't happy at the church you are at. I think it could be any of those reasons. But in my heart I believe that we have people in our churches that know what the word says and are blatantly going against it because of our little petty jealousies and out own imperfections.

I know a person who, and I am not judging just stating an obvious fact, because she is not right with God she feels like she has to make everyone out to be bad so that she can make herself out to be okay. It is to a point now that no one around her is right with God, all because she does not have the same goal as everyone else.

And what is that Goal. To bring people to Christ. When a new couple or family comes to our churches, we often as the wrong questions. Our questions are, what will keep this couple or family from leaving?

WRONG!!! How about this, what does our church have that will attract this couple to come back? Does the Spirit move, not just sometimes, but during every service?

Let's do what the INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD says and get in one mind and One Accord and do the right thing. Yes we have to trust God for the Growth of the Church, but work at it ourselves.

A church is just like any ORGANISM of LIFE. If it isn't Growing then it is dying.

Let's Get in One Mind and One Accord and let the Holy Spirit do his work. He is eager to bring souls to Christ, to the kingdom of God. We should be too.

Author:  Kristopher Young, September 1997



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